I've seen a lot of Chiropractors before but Dr Prentice is by far the best. He was able to work out a back issue I've had for over year where others failed. Most chiros have their one set of adjustments and that's all they do regardless of the issue. Dr Prentice knows his stuff and is able to not only diagnose but come up with a plan to resolve the issue for good. In my case he found my weak core was part of the issue and gave me specific exercises that would help strengthen my core and back to prevent future pain and injury. He spent a lot of time explaining exactly what was causing my pain and how to relieve it for good. Highly recommend Dr Prentice!
Shannon Stroobandt
Dr Prentice has literally changed my life. I was in chronic pain for 11 years. I gained 100 lbs. I saw every doctor that could possibly help me. I was being treated by another chiropractor twice a week for 7 yrs with no long term relief. I had given up hope that I would ever be able to stand more than 30 min without pain. Exercise always brought me to tears. Then I switched to Dr Dan. He sent me to have a special set of xrays and scanned my feet/spine to check the arches in my feet, gave me detailed instructions on how to minimize pain with stretches and exercise, helped me understand what the pain related to and taught me to maximize my breathing. In just two months I was out of sciatic pain!!!!! In four months I lost 38 pounds. Eight months later I see him only as needed and have my life back. I’m no longer living in pain. I have so much respect and gratitude for Prentice Family Chiropractic!
Pamela Noble Scott-Lie
I have had a Frozen Shoulder for almost a year. I started going to see Dan Prentice about 3 months ago. They were able to use the Cold Laser Therapy on my shoulder - not only do I have 85% mobility the pain I have been having is almost gone. 12 visits with the Laser Therapy has worked better than my cortisone shot and I didn’t have to go to the hospital for the manipulation of my arm which only has a 50% chance success rate. I took the chance on this fairly new technique and I am so glad I did. Frozen shoulder comes on from menopause and it is an adhesive capsulitis. It can last 1-3 years. I was unable to put my arm over my head or behind my back without extreme pain. I recommend Prentice Chiropractic- he is not just crack your back doctor- he is the MacGyver of chiropractors! His front desk manager Lizzy always makes you feel like family. Highly recommend Prentice Family Chiropractic
Rajasa S.
Dr. Prentice is an amazing Chiropractic! My parents were visiting and towards the end of the trip, my mother had a severe strain and pain in her hip. Since they had a 16 hr journey ahead of them in a couple of days, I decided to make an appointment with an expert. Turns out she had a sever hip muscle contraction which also caused pain in her sciatica nerve.. Pros (its a long list): 1. Received a convenient appointment time for the very next day pronto! 2. Elizabeth, the receptionist, was super helpful and very sweet 3. Dr. Prentice is a very genuine person who truly seeks the best for his patients and makes every effort to help the patient feel better as soon as possible 4. He decided that Laser therapy would provide faster healing (since my mom had a long flight journey ahead in a couple of days) and did not charge extra for it! My Mom felt a difference the same day because of the fast healing! 5. He charged minimum for the visit since it would be an out of pocket expense due to insurance restrictions. 6. Exercise recommendations were spot on and helped my Mom recover faster.. She was able to walk without pain the very same day. 7. He has invited my parents over for tea the next time they visit.. such a lovely person! Gives a nice family touch :) Cons: NONE! Definitely recommended!
Izzy Rust
They are a family, and you feel like your apart of that family!!! Love this place!! From the slowpoke trainer!
Muhamed Gaye
My experience was phenomenal. I've dealt with a lot of medical professionals but no office makes you feel at home as much as this one! I would recommend anyone in everybody to Dr. Prentice. PS this is the first review I've ever done for anywhere/anyone because this is literally how happy I am with their service! Thank you!! Another PS Elizabeth is the greatest LOL tell her I said hi when you see her because she treats everybody as she would like to be treated which is awesome!
Mr L.
I can't recommend Dr Prentice strongly enough! He's just a genuinely nice guy out there to help YOU out. This level of personal caring and friendly customer focused practice is simply not an everyday occurrence. You can rest assured that you're in great hands and your concerns will be addressed. This isn't a place where they're just focused on "volume" and getting through patients as if they're just numbers, each patient is treated as an individual with a thoughtfully planned approach on how to identify root cause of your issue and solutions. Give this place a try and you won't want to go anywhere else! Anytime I've had issues, Dr Prentice has gotten me back in shape in no time :) Thanks so much!
Lisa Stookey
I want to thank everyone at Prentice Family Chiropractic. I had THE BEST experience today. I left listened to, cared for, respected, uplifted, and taken care of. I saw Dr. Prentice for an automobile accident injury today and he was so reassuring. He really took the time to listen and understand not only feelings, but my physical symptoms. I will recommend them to friends. Thank you again.
Becca Dawson
Dr. Prentice is amazing! I have been seeing him for approximately 3-4 years and he has helped me so much. I feel like he practices because he truly wants to help people feel their best - he is not like some other chiropractors that I have been to that suggested I come in 2-3x a week for 4 months, but only wants me to come in when I feel like I need it. He also helped me significantly through a couple of surgeries that I had. I am so thankful that he is part of my healthcare team!!!
Marilee Brozovich
Dan is the best!! I have trusted him for his knowledge and care for over 20 years! I would never trust any other Chiropractor with my spine and all the issues I have had over the years. He takes his time and I never feel rushed.
Bradley Van Peursem
Just love this Chiropracter and highly recommend him. My whole family sees him when they are in need of an adjustment. Appreciate that he understands the needs of the athletes in our family and is knowledgeable with his CSCS certification!
Marty Marie Dill
Dr. Dan is the best. His versatile methods and practices will meet the needs of any situation and he really cares. I also love his growing work with muscle therapy as it relates to a healthy structure. He is not just treating symptoms but problem solves to help your body stay strong and healthy long term. He has more of a big picture attitude. He has treated our whole family of 8 and we are all thankful for his practice. He is very knowledgeable, and explains things well. 5 stars for this one!
Tiare Vincent
The only chiropractor I trust! Dr. Prentice is such a kind hearted doc that is someone I recommend to everyone I know! I wouldn't go anywhere else.